Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd

Management Team

HSD continues to be managed by its founders, who established HSD in 1996.  Under their guidance HSD has grown to 40+ staff across offices in Melbourne and Canberra.

Photo of Michael Nancarrow
Michael Nancarrow
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Peter Sawyer
Peter Sawyer
Chief Information Officer
Photo of Narendra Tomar
Narendra Tomar
Chief Operating Officer
Senior Partner


Photo of Keith Don
Keith Don
Director, Strategy & Consulting
Photo of Craig Taylor
Craig Taylor
General Manager - Technical Services
Photo of Sarah Prouse
Sarah Prouse
General Manager - Quality Systems

Photo of Peter Giorgilli
Peter Giorgilli
Manager - System Operations
Photo of Gus Mileto
Gus Mileto
Business Development Manager
Photo of Kris Laurent
Kris Laurent
Director - Finance & Administration


Photo of Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman
General Manager

HSD’s executive leadership oversee and are deeply involved with the day to day operation of the company.  This ensures that they are accessible to staff and clients, and available for any escalations that may need to occur.  This provides additional assurance to our clients that they will always receive the attention and action required should any rare issues arise.