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Case Study: Australian Sports Anti-Doping Association

HSD applications support the integrity of sport in Australia

HSD, incorporating Crystal Approach, has been working with ASADA for over 8 years.  In that time they have developed a number of key web-based applications to support ASADA’s integrated anti-doping enforcement program.


ASADA’s anti-doping process needs to be consistent with the World Anti-Doping Code, the International Standard for Testing and the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001:2000.  ASADA’s systems form a key component in providing that level of compliance.

Business Needs

ASADA conduct a comprehensive doping deterrent program, including testing, investigations and enforcement.  This program has evolved in response to developing doping practices, modifications to the World Anti-Doping Code and opportunities presented by technology.  HSD, incorporating Crystal Approach, has developed and continues to support an integrated suite of applications addressing the following key business processes:

  • Selection, allocation and execution of anti-doping tests on athletes, both in competition and through their out of competition, no-notice testing program.
  • Managing results, investigations and prosecution through to sanctions.
  • Tracking and analysing whereabouts information for athletes to support out of competition testing.
  • Providing information to athletes on the status of pharmaceutical products based on the athlete's gender, sport, and the products chemical makeup.
  • Tracking personal background checks on field staff to ensure they are suitable to collect samples from underage athletes.

The systems need to be effective in providing information as well as making it easy for athletes to record their locations.


HSD incorporating Crystal Approach has implemented the following systems for ASADA:

  1. nEugene

    ASADA’s anti-doping program management database for sampling, tracking and managing tests and testing priorities.  Used by internal staff, nEugene implements a workflow management process, managing anti-doping activity from selection for testing, through to result management and the tracking of sanctions.

  2. Athlete Whereabouts Online System (AWOS)

    AWOS allows elite athletes to provide and maintain their whereabouts information in a simple manner.  Based on the understanding that this represents a large administrative overhead for athletes, HSD incorporating Crystal Approach worked with ASADA to design the most efficient and user friendly interface possible.

    AWOS applies an integrated compliance engine to determine if athletes have completed the minimum requirements under the World Anti-Doping Authority code.  The system then allows ASADA to track and manage this whereabouts information for the purpose of planning their no-notice testing program, supporting the most efficient process to locate athletes for planned drug testing.

    International Sporting Federations and National sporting organisations also have access to the system which allows them to monitor whereabouts information in conjunction with ASADA.

  3. Check Your Substances

    An online database which combines information about the chemical make-up of commercial pharmaceutical products with policies in the World Anti-Doping Authority Code.  The system provides athletes and coaches with a simple search interface to clarify which medications may affect the outcomes of tests.

  4. Working with Children

    An online database that aids in tracking and managing the current, state-based police checks and other verifications necessary for ASADA field staff to be cleared to collect samples from athletes under 18 years of age.


These systems are implemented as a suite of integrated portals.  Through a role based security model, access to functionality is controlled by role for both internal and external users.  A single, authoritative source of data is maintained and made available to each portal as required.

HSD incorporating Crystal Approach has worked with ASADA to improve the business intelligence and strategic reporting capability of their systems.  This continues to improve the subject matter content available to anti-doping officers to better plan and target testing as ASADA move further towards a more intelligence based testing approach

These solutions allow ASADA to deliver all of their services online and on mobile devices, reducing paper work and enabling real time access to data in the field.

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Solution Overview

Organisation Profile

ASADA is a Statutory Authority whose focus is to protect Australia’s sporting integrity.  ASADA provides education, information, testing and can action breaches to Australian sports integrity policy via sanctions and prosecutions.


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