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Case Study: Cullinan Consulting Group

HSD help Cullinan deliver on technology strategy

Cullinan Consulting Group (CCG) has developed a self-service international money transfer kiosk and a set of cloud-based services that make money transfer more convenient for consumers.  The system is installed in 7-Eleven stores in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and offers a convenient money transfer service that leverages the reach of the global MoneyGram money transfer network.

Philip Course, Chief Executive Officer of Cullinan Consulting Group said: 

"The relationship with HSD is a core part of our technology strategy; it helps us to achieve flexibility and scale.  More importantly, though, we have found an organisation that operates consistently with our own values of trust, integrity, and superior quality.  We're a very happy customer."


In early 2010, CCG approached HSD to complete the development of a Java-based system.  HSD accepted the engagement and immediately assumed responsibility for the ongoing development and completion of the system in time for its scheduled pilot release later that year.  This included the requirement for the system to achieve certification by MoneyGram as a pre-requisite to CCG being given approval to go live.

Business Needs

The main needs of the business were to develop a back-end system to support:

  1. Customer Registration – a customer management service to enable prospective customers to register with the service using a convenient, easy to remember, personal identifier.
  2. Money Transfer – a money transfer gateway to enable registered customers to generate quotations and money transfer send/receive requests at in-store kiosks.
  3. Transaction Processing – a payment gateway to facilitate payment of money transfer send/receive requests at the in-store point of sale.


HSD utilised its java development expertise to engineer a technical solution that met the needs of CCG.  The solution exposes a complete set of APIs, accessible via SOAP/ REST web services, implemented as a series of loosely coupled services.  The Java services are deployed in an industry standard application server ("container") running on the Linux/Open Source platform.


The system has proven itself over the course of the more than two years it has been in operation.  The main benefits that have been realised over this period include:

  • High Availability – the robust design and implementation of the system has supported a level of availability that has met the customer's high expectations.
  • Extensibility – the layered modular architecture of the system has enabled the addition of new functional requirements with minimal impact on the existing system.
  • Supportability – the standards-based implementation of the system has made the task of supporting the system easier through access to readily available information and tools to implement standard operational requirements, such as log file analysis and system monitoring.
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Solution Overview

Organisation Profile

CCG is a group of experienced senior executives with core skills in the following areas:

  • Transaction banking
  • Payment systems
  • Information technology
  • International and Australian market entry
  • Technology development

CCG works on projects that involve strategy, execution and handover of agreed outcomes.


Banking & Finance

HSD Services

  • Systems Management & Support
  • Java Development

Business Need

Back-end system to support self-service international money transfer kiosk network installed in 7-Eleven stores.


A complete set of APIs and web services deployed on a Linux application server.


  • High Availability
  • Extensibility
  • Supportability


  • Java programming language
  • Hibernate ORM (Object Relational Mapping) library
  • Spring Framework (open source application framework and Inversion of Control container for the Java platform)
  • PostgreSQL RDBMS
  • Linux O/S (UNIX shell and standard utilities)