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Case Study: Elections ACT

HSD developed system provides critical election results

HSD, incorporating Crystal Approach, developed the Election Result Display System.  The system provides online updates of Election results.  It is required to be a robust application that can manage high peak loads.  The system was implemented for the most recent ACT Government Election in October 2012.


Elections ACT are responsible for a range of electoral services to the ACT community.  Following the announcement of the 2012 October election, the Commission sought to upgrade their existing electronic election reporting tool.

During the previous election, Elections ACT had issues with real time availability of electoral results, stability of the system, and accessibility through a range of mechanisms including mobile devices.

Business Needs

Elections ACT required an application that would address the following:

  • Provide real-time election results on the night of the elections and the weeks following
  • Provide high level availability to the end user

The application needed to give an overview of the Electorate results for each Party.  It also needed to enable users to drill downs to the following data:

  • Electorate votes
  • Party votes
  • Candidate votes


HSD, incorporating Crystal Approach, completed the development, implementation and support of the Election Result Display System (ERDS) for the ACT Government Electoral Commission.

The system involved a large amount of integration with external systems and strategies were employed to protect the integrity of data and data transports.

The ERDS user interface was designed to be lightweight and flexible to maximise response times and provide a visually engaging and intuitive end user experience.  Due to high availability requirements, the architecture was designed to be very modularised, allowing each component to continue to operate independently should any hardware or infrastructure fail on election day.


This system provided the following benefits to Elections ACT:

  • Real-time publication of results of the 2012 ACT Election across various displays including the Tally Room, web browsers, smartphones and tablets
  • Live data feed used by media organisations such as the ABC and WIN Television.

The solution implemented an FTP process every 90 seconds for transmitting data to the public servers with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services delivering background processing of reporting data to ensure fast response times on the ERDS website.

The ERDS website provided access to results reports through a structured, intuitive interface for browsers and mobile devices.  The media results feed functionality served up-to-the-minute results information for external stakeholders such as the ABC.

Elections ACT logo

Solution Overview

Organisation Profile

The ACT Government Electoral Commission is responsible for election services in the ACT region.  This includes the facilities, systems and processes to provide the means to collect and publish voting results.



HSD Services

  • Microsoft .Net Development
  • Systems Management & Support


  • Application Development


  • Microsoft .NET framework
  • C#
  • Mobile accessible styling based on browser detection
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Data Collection, Compression and FTP process
  • Data Receipt and Decompression service
  • Election Result Display System (ERDS) Website; and
  • Media results feed (text file), including the ABC.
  • High performance / high availability systems