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Case Study: Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport

HSD delivers high visibility website combining project information from across Australia.

The National Infrastructure Construction Schedule (NICS) is an initiative of the Australian Government that brings together information on major infrastructure projects from all jurisdictions and across the three tiers of government on one unique website.


The Commonwealth Government announced in the 2011-12 budget that it would establish a website containing information on upcoming infrastructure projects with a capital value of $50 million of more that was funded wholly or in part by one or more of the levels of government in Australia.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport was responsible for delivery of the website and underlying database which needed to include projects as soon as there was a public announcement by a level of government to fund its construction.

Business Needs

The aim of the NICS website was as follows:

  • Assist constructors with business planning and resourcing requirements through the ability to look ahead at the forward program of works on offer from governments
  • Attract new investment opportunities in the industry by providing greater certainty about projects proceeding with government funding
  • Provide information to enable jurisdictions to take full advantage of a smooth national project pipeline to even out the peaks and troughs in the national infrastructure procurement cycle.


HSD developed NICS as a web application.  The front end design for the public facing site was provided by HSD partner, Reading Room and integrated into the web application by HSD.

The site enables users from the various levels of government to log on and enter data pertaining to upcoming infrastructure projects.  Once the data has been entered and reviewed, an email notification is sent to a departmental reviewer prior to it being made available on the public facing site.

The general public can search for projects using a range of criteria including a detailed timeline display.


Launched on 11 May 2012, the web-based tool enabled comprehensive, complete and accessible information about current and future projects to be delivered in a single location for the first time.

This provided the following benefits:

  • Equal access to information regardless of location or organisation size
  • Encourage greater investment and participation in the sector
  • Increase competition in the sector
  • Reduce the cost of construction for projects due to increased competition.

A range of industry stakeholders welcomed the introduction of the website including Engineers Australia and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia.

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Solution Overview

Organisation Profile

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport assists the Government to promote, evaluate, plan and invest in infrastructure and by fostering an efficient, sustainable, competitive, safe and secure transport system.



HSD Services

  • Microsoft .Net Development
  • Web Development

HSD Solutions

  • Application Development

Business Need

Website and underlying database


ASP.NET MVC 3 web application with public facing website


  • Single location for information on major government funded infrastructure projects in Australia


  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.5
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 (C#)
  • ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Enterprise Library 5.0
  • SQL Full Text Search
  • Telerik Extensions for ASP.NET MVC.


  • Reading Room