Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd


09 Oct 2015

In the 90s, the internet was still in its infancy regarding the users and the sites that existed.  Things like online banking and making purchases from all corners of the globe were still the ideas of a select few, not the common place daily use of nearly everyone.  To say that people were not lurking in the corners of the ever growing world wide web would be foolish, but with the spread of the internet we witnessed in the late 90s, online security is not just for governments and big banks.

HSD is committed to ensuring each of our systems goes through rigorous tests to ensure the integrity of our system will stand up against hacks by users bent on obtaining any information from our clients.  Before our clients see their system in action our developers and testers batter the system in attempts to over stimulate it to see what leaks might come.

With documented attacks of corporations such as Kmart of Australia and several foreign governments by groups across the globe, HSD has doubled down its internal testing and development requirements to ensure that our clients are feeling safe with putting not only their business information into our products, but also their own clients can feel that same level of safety.

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