Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd


15 Oct 2015

HSD has been a partner with Resco since 2013 and in 2014 began working together on the Health Activity Reporting Tool (HART) project, a government project to support the delivery of health assessments and care to school children in the state of Victoria.  HART was developed for mobile nurses to visit a variety of school settings in rural and urban areas in order to keep track of the health and wellbeing of students in Victoria.  Resco’s Mobile CRM allowed these nurses for the first time to be able to break away from the paper and pen note taking and allowed one central system to keep and collate the records.  We customized Mobile CRM to enable users to be able to enter student’s health details without being tied to a desk.

Resco gave us the ability to customize the solution to the client’s needs while also being able to take advantage of the “out of the box” features that are offered with Microsoft CRM.  Our collaboration reached a point that we were able to adapt the pre-existing Resco forms to create a highly tailored user interface.  Using a Resco Mobile CRM foundation, HSD has developed a solution which includes the configuration required to deliver an amazing user experience whilst leveraging the considerable benefits of a commercial off the shelf platform approach.

We found working with Resco, despite the time difference of being an Australian company working with one based in the Slovakia, we were able to bring any issue or update to them and knew we were able to get the best responses from them in a timely manner.  This allowed us to go to our client and know we would get the best out of Resco and improve the software for future releases.

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