Hammond Street Developments Pty Ltd


20 Jan 2016

HSD are proud to be one of the Platinum Sponsors of Melbourne’s Connect Expo!  HSD will be showcasing our business solutions for Lego Approach, Delivering on Digital, and focusing on our Lawful Interception.

With the many tools at the HSD office, providing a varied level of support and customization has meant we offer a “Lego Approach” to our clients in order to best serve their needs.  Utilisation of the “Lego Approach” enables the flexibility and agility required for successful digital transformation projects whilst mitigating many of the risks associated with ICT projects.  Utilise pre-built components and assemble them together.  Rather than making investments in customising components, re-engineer business processes to maximise the value of digital investments for companies across the public and private sector.

The Australian Government’s “Digital by Default” Strategy that puts the onus on government agencies to improve the quality and ability of services they provide over digital channels.  Likewise, the various State Governments’ Digital Strategy that required agencies to meet an obligation to be customer-driven and digital-first.  But what is next?  Speak to HSD about how we are navigating these changes.

HSD’s Lawful Interception is a solution that offers both a product and training on our Generic Traffic Interception System (GTIS) turn-key hardware/software solution which has been in use across several governing bodies for more than a decade.  HSD’s GTIS is made of several components from the network layer through to the application layer. 

From the 19th to the 20th of April HSD will be at Melbourne’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, so come visit our booth, just steps from the entrance!  Stop by to see what HSD’s team can provide to your organisation!

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